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Week of More Words is a neat little module that allows you to assign seven articles, one per day that will be published in the module position you choose.

Twelve overrides too!

This means you can choose an article everyone month to publish in place of your normal daily routine. For example, let's say you have an article called "Hooray for Friday!" that has some content appropriate for... er... a Friday. Okay, maybe this year Christmas Day falls on a Friday, well in the override you can set it so on the 25th of December it should not publish "Hooray for Friday!" but another called "Merry Christmas Everybody!".

Using for marketing

Week of More Words can be used for advertising and marketing. If your website has pages about products or services you can publish adverts using the Joomla! loadposition feature. This means you can tailor the article per day or by a special date, to back-up an advertising campaign. There are lots of imaginative ways to use Week of More Words!

1) Install this module

2) Create an instance int he module manager

3) Choose the articles you wish to publish by days of the week

4) Choose the module position

5) Choose the menu assignments

6) Choose the groups allowed to view.

7) Publish!